Miracle Muku

Dec 11, 2008

Not well but always regular

Ughh....well incidents happened very unexpected ones and this one is not helping me focus in class very much....i feel my grade is going down very much.....I don't want to speak of it much really it very actually unexpected and embarrassing and i can imagine my face red.I feel if i speak of it someone might out even a small bit of information about myself that's why i only told 2 people i trust and well my real friends that were at the incident. ^^; but i mainly can't focus in my class and thinking other images i normally don't think up which scare me sometimes.

Anyway up to the Art update time!

Well not much this time busy with school and also working on bigger and better stuff XDD woops slipped lol

well anyway that's it for now bye~

Dec 4, 2008

Well not day 2 but updates

well i didn't go to school today cause my mother worried about me taking a less amount of one of my meds and so i stayed home and yeah went outside was freezing outside and i wish it was warm right now.....I got lots of works as in art though....some i didn't post the past couple of days cause of school. From left to right,old to recent.

Well the first one isn't that old lol like only 6 days lol Nov 28 yes i checked lol

well anyway this one had more than expected lol now to go one and maybe doodle some more and maybe color those lineart of aile and pro lol

Dec 1, 2008

Well It's time for reopening!

Are you happy are you sad? well........ i don't know.....to tell a deep secret that maybe i need to give out....i have been jealous of my best friends and well i don't know if this is a good thing or not well anyway let's bring out a pic to celebrate.

It's Aile ZX That i did and colored on paint.net :3 i hope to get my photoshop soon....


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